Photos from the 2011 Doo Dah Queen Tryouts!

April 7, 2011

Oh I posted up info on the tryouts everywhere but HERE! IN any case, it was a spectacular event!

There were many many amazing contestants- such as Jesselynn Desmond, Fuchsia & Violet WhatsIt, and The Whistling Diva! (Yes they were ladies I was rooting for). But the one who amused the crowd and won them over was Red Rosie. Donned with a school girl outfit, she transformed into Wonderwoman while serenading the judges with her melodious song.


I posted up all my photos from the event! I had to spread it over 2 albums there were so many. Go through them all and it’ll feel like you were there!

I’ll attach a few for eye candy:


Hope to see whoever is reading this at The Parade in a couple weeks!



Queen Skittles, 2009 Doo Dah


Doo Dah Party THIS Sunday!!!

November 19, 2009

Dear Friends,

If you are not checking the Doo Dah website daily,this will be news to you.

The Queen Tryouts and The Parade are pushed back! New dates are

Queen Tryouts: February 13,2010. Come and see the new hopefuls and one Lucky gal who will be chosen! Also, I will have a surprise performance that has nothing to do with photography!!!!!

New Doo Dah Parade date: May Day.(=May 1,2010). Around 11:30-ish,as always!

THIS Sunday— party @ American Legion 2pm in East Pasadena on Vinedo st. $5 cover and cheap booze! Be there or be triangle! Go to for more details.

Queen Skittles

P.S. Check out my last 3 new sets of photos on my Featuring Former Doo Dah Queen Tequila Mockingbird, Duke Andrew, & self-portraits of me! Some pics to be featured in the official Rose Parade magazine with the article written by Queen Naughty Mickie.