Encounters & The Like

Jan 28, 2009 @ 12:35am

I just walked into the Bank of America on Lake & Colorado in Pasadena. As I walk to wait in line, a little girl pokes her head in the door and yells out “I like your rainbow hair!” I replied, “Thanks!” And then she left. I think people were really confused. It was glorious.


Dec 27, 2008 @ 11:29pm

“i knew as soon as i met you that you talk to strangers”

alright. so some of you know that people randomly talk to me in random places at random times. (i know i’m not capitalizing words, but that’s how it goes. i want to type fast!)

when i say random, i mean literally. my friends are amazed at the kind of people who talk to me and the timing of conversations. part of it IS because of my colorful hair. and i smile a lot. A LOT. so i guess that makes people feel more comfortable to talk to a stranger. i’ll actually blog about every random encounter i have from now on. i find it interesting and amusing. and if you dont, then thats ok.  🙂 in any case, i’ll try to remember as many details as possible.

i was in pasadena at a coffee bean putting sugar in my coffee and a 20-something guy studying at a table started asking me a question as if he knew me. he said “oh i thought you were someone else” after he really looked at me. this was just a couple of weeks ago. i said “really? i mean…..my hair!” thats all. the last time i had someone mistake me for another person, i had a full head of blonde hair.

it’s getting late and thats the only thing i can remember right now. don’t worry. there will be more! i’ll be wearing a crown every day for the year i am Queen. thats right. EVERY DAY. i have my fancy crown in my formal portrait and also an “every day” crown. i’m thinking of making a “gym” crown once i finally join a gym this coming month.




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