Queen Self-Portrait & Royal Court

Here’s my 2nd round that I did of my Queen Royal Self-Portrait. Photographed in Simi Valley. Hair(wigs) & MUP by http://www.HairByTiphanie.com

Self-Portrait as Queen Skittles

Self-Portrait as Queen Skittles

Self-Portrait as Queen Skittles

Self-Portrait as Queen Skittles

After visiting Tommy Coston (one of the main organizers of the Parade) at Castle Green, I decided it was the perfect location for my self-portrait as Queen. For those of you who are not familiar with the historical building in Pasadena, check out their website: http://www.castlegreen.com.

I’ll write more later, but I just wanted to quickly post up the photos from the photo shoot.

Here is a list of my wonderful crew that helped make this happen! …….

Photo Assistant: Alex Fallas
Blue dress: Aaardvark’s of Pasadena, who is my official clothing
sponsor; modified with fabric and rhinestones by Kristina King

Crown: Cassie Marquez
Hairstylist: Reyna Rodriguez Soto
Makeup: Airica Hartsfield
Set Design: Kristina King
Special Thanks to: Tommy Coston, Patricia Hurley, and Dino Rasmussen.

Queen Skittles

Queen Skittles

Doo Dah 2009 Flyer

Queen Skittles
Queen Skittles
The Ballroom at the Castle Green

The Ballroom in the Castle Green

Ballroom at the Castle Green in Pasadena

I’ll be posting up photos from behind the scenes in a few days. Check back soon!


Here’s a list of My Royal Court from the 2009 Doo Dah Parade:

Princes & Princesses in the Parade:

  • Kristina King (She’s actually my King)
  • Cassie Marquez
  • Mirren Stegman-Wise
  • Mary Amor
  • Tiphanie Grace
  • Dino Rasmussen
  • Hank Segal & Dani Palomino
  • Miriam & Dakota Garcia
  • Ana Serrano
  • Chris Aguilar
  • Sara Escamilla
  • Jo Ann Kim
  • Queen Mab (Sagi Gal)
  • Reina Jacques
  • Brooke
  • JP Aragon
  • Miki Fujita
  • Gabriela Banda & her dad
  • Andrew Dahlin
  • Jeaneen Carlino
  • Rafael Cruz
  • Paul Sanbar
  • Mike Starr
  • Bridget & Alice
  • Greg Studley
  • Steph Provenzano
  • Arvin Enriquez

Around ‘n About

  • Maria Laster
  • Heather Hoxsey
  • Jonathan Scott
  • Joann & Adam
  • Alex Fallas
  • Reyna Rodriguez Soto
  • Airica Hartsfield
  • Miss Havisham
  • Brad Macdonald
  • Dave Turner
  • Tracie Loscotoff
  • Jackie Ki
  • Jayme Foxx

One Response to Queen Self-Portrait & Royal Court

  1. Queen, like I told U B4: are you sure you’re the Doo-Dah Queen? You look much too good. The rainbow looks nice on U, 2.

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