I’m showing @ McGinty’s Gallery@TheEndoftheWorld in Altadena this weekend!

Hello all,

I should’ve posted this a week ago. But here is all the info for the fabulous party weekend @ the gallery!

september 3-6, open daily noon to 6pm

Friday: First friday art club opening 7pm-1am $5 cover
Saturday: Potluck barbeque 12pm-6pm; gallery will be open late for the street festival
Sunday: Bender-ender brunch

Featured Artist: C.L. Stubblefield

Artists include: Bobby Rojas, Steve “Fink” Bingham, Miss Withers, Eve Kessler, Annie Fourguette, Rortay Peterson, Jennifer Mullins, Georgia DeBeers, S.A. Smith, Nancy Keystone, Jan Szabo, Elaine Davis, A. Allister McDonald, Kathy Carvellas, Kathleen Swayden, Joseph Stauffer, Nancy Armitage, Jorge Velasquez, Murphy Armitage, Jim Billups, Julie Klima, Loretta Dyan Batatian, Karen Sachs, Carld Heinz, Lori Pond, Chencha Acevedo, Richard Davies, Jeanie Poole, Gwenda Davies, George Lewis, Ben McGinty, Dave Lovejoy, Kai Samuels-Davis, Johnny Fox, Ngene Mwuara Matt Foote, Kris Blaze

Featured Entertainment: The Sundowners (Friday night)

Hope to see you all there!


Queen Skittles


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