The Circus is in town! Come hang out with me @ Cirque Berzerk!

Dear Friends,

For those of you who don’t know…….for the past month or so, I have been working a photo booth at Cirque Berzerk in downtown LA! It’s a glorious circus that all of you should come check out! It compares to Cirque de Soleil, except with a twist of punk rock, goth and opera singers! I’ve snuck in during the times I didn’t have to work and after seeing just parts of it, I need to tell all my friends about the show.

Here are the details—

Where: 1245 N. Spring St., Los Angeles

When: Thurs-Sun through Aug 9th @ 8:30pm, except 8pm on Sundays

Check out video clips & more info @

Check out the photos we’ve taken so far! @ (I also attached a few of The Crew)

To buy tickets discounted from $60 to $35, go to and sign up for free! Plus you can get discounted tickets for shows all over after signing up! I suggest to buy the tickets in the green section, or the blue section if you have a little more cash 🙂

If you have tickets at will call, get there early because the line can be long! But don’t fret, if you get there super early to pick up tickets, you can hang out with us over at the photo booth in the beer garden & take tons of silly photos before the show starts! I also suggest to not go on Thursday because on the other nights, there is an amazing band that plays during intermission & after the show. I LOVE THIS BAND! You can check them out here:

So I hope to see you all there! Email or call me with any questions about the show or to find out which nights I work.


Queen Skittles


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