I’m curating and showing photos at the Downtown LA Artwalk—TONIGHT!

Dear Friends,

It just so happens that I put together a show for the Downtown LA
Artwalk today (Thursday, July 9th)! Artists included are: Julie Klima
(that’s me!), Cassandra Marquez, Kristina King, Conan Dynes, Mary Amor & Arpi Alaverdyan. I attached a few sample photos of what you’ll see.

What: Edgar Varela Fine Arts presents ‘3500 sq feet in 48 hours’,
Curated by Julie Klima
Where: The Continental Gallery @ 408 South Spring St., Los Angeles, CA
Time: 5pm-10pm

And here is the google map:

Well, it would be so lovely to see you all there! I understand if the
late notice prohibits you from changing prior plans, so keep your eyes
peeled for another email because there will be another reception within
the next month!

Queen Skittles


3 Responses to I’m curating and showing photos at the Downtown LA Artwalk—TONIGHT!

  1. Tonight, your highness??
    Now, you tell us!

    • i know i know! i got the gallery only 2 days before it had to go up! we’ll have another reception in a couple weeks 🙂 hope to see you there! i’ll let you know.


  2. I hope to make the 2nd reception IF you give at least a two day notice to adjust our schedules.

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