Queen Skittles presenting award @ Pasadena Chalk Festival June 21

June 16, 2009

Hello friends,

I will be presenting the Most Humorous Award @ the Pasadena Chalk
Festival this Sunday around 7pm!

The festival is Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21 from 10am-7pm.
Artists create their work from chalk and then celebrate at the end with
an awards ceremony. I am so honored to participate in this event! I hope
you all can make it…….and it’s FREE!!! Isn’t that wonderful?

Come and support the fabulous artists and hang out with me! You can see
all the details about the event here: www.pasadenachalkfestival.com

Date: Sunday June 21st
Time: 10am-7pm
Paseo Colorado
280 East Colorado Boulevard
between Marengo and Los Robles Avenue in downtown Pasadena.

Queen Skittles


Last weekend……gallery show,armenian wedding,topped it off w/peaches concert!

June 16, 2009


Kevin & me @  Gallery at the end of the World

Kevin & me @ Gallery at the end of the World

Dear Friends,



I love my random escapades that I happen into. Friday June 12th I went to see former Doo Dah Queen Naughty Mickie perform bellydancing with swords with the lovely Valerie @ the Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena (www.galleryattheendoftheworld.com)…..right when I got there, I saw one of My Princes was there! PrinceSunshinePrincessZen(photo by Julie Klima….that’s me!) My friend Adrianne was also showing, and I hadn’t seen her in months! Then, as fate would have it, Joe Piasecki found me amongst the crazy crowd and introduced himself. He’s the deputy editor of the Pasadena Weekly. I love being able to use this word….serendipitous! We chatted for a bit. I went to the show with my friend Kevin, who also happened to know people attending the show, even though I invited him last minute. I posted some photos below from the show.


The next night, I completely forgot about my friend’s wedding reception until my good friend Cassie called me so we could drive together. Ahhhh!!! Dressed and got ready as fast as I could. Told Cassie it was “fancy” but we didn’t realized how fancy! Our friend Arpi was married about 9 months ago in Armenia and this was her wedding reception. Very formal! Anyways, we felt a little underdressed, but it didn’t matter once the party started 🙂 We drank and danced the night away! Arpi was so gorgeous! LOVED her dress! We made friends with her friend Narrin(I’m bad at spelling names) and she helped translate when people gave toasts to the bride & groom. I LOVE Armenian food! 5 or so courses. Amazing meat and also sumac was used in one of the dishes (which I haven’t had in awhile). Every table had a bottle of: vodka, wine, Johnnie Walker & tequila 🙂 That is MY kind of wedding! hehe…….me and Cassie and Narrin sipped on the johnny the whole night. The music was great…..there were all kinds of generations dancing away the whole night! I love their style of dancing. Mostly moving the arms about. And there was NO chicken dance! Thank goodness. So I like Armenian weddings, I decided. Good food, happy people, fun dancing 🙂

Last order of last weekend—-PEACHES concert! I thought it was so hilarious to go from Armenian wedding one night & then Peaches the next. She’s a fascinating woman. One of the BEST live concerts I’ve EVER been to! Sadly, I didn’t bring my camera in. I wanted to experience her show and not be a documentarian for once. I took it all in. The guy before Peaches was AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. He was the worst! I was so sad. But me, Cassie, & KK waited for Our Peaches. She came on, fabulous as ever. A few highlights……..costumes…….oh wow. THEN in the beginning of the set…..she friggin jumped into the audience and CROWD SURFED! So f***in rock n roll!!!!!! She SANG and was carried by her fans!!!!!!!!! My friend KK said some guy tried to manhandle her and she smacked him with her mic 🙂 Yay Peaches! Mid-set she said somethin like “f***k this state and proposition 8!” Everyone went wild! Then she called a few couple up to the stage, said she’s an ordained minister and she married the gay couples right there! LOVE HER. This concert was among my top 5 favorite shows I’ve ever been to. Some people might not like her music, but no one can EVER dispute the fact that she is a FANTABULOUS performer.


That’s all folks!



Queen Skittles