Whiskey & Movies

Time for me to vent a little. The movie Man on Fire……Christopher Walken & Denzel Washington play characters that are hanging out, and Denzel pours them straight Jack Daniels. WHY Jack Daniels? It’s a terrible whiskey, which is too expensive for what it’s worth!

And THEN in the tv show The Wire, at the bar, a guy gets a shot. Its jack daniels and he drinks it and makes a face, like it was hard to handle.

Makes me laugh. HAS to be advertising because I drink better whiskey than that. Jack is a low quality whiskey. And just to make my point, I took a sip right now of it straight. Awful! It’s a mixer only!

Here are whiskeys I believe are wonderful on the rocks or straight (I prefer on the rocks)—

Bulleit Bourbon (I had this in my flask while I was on the horse during The Parade)

MacCallan Scotch 18 year (12yr is good, but 18 is better)

Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Elijah Craig (I think I’ve had 18 year)

Talisker 10 year

Tormore 12 year



Maker’s Mark

I had to vent. Thanks for reading.


Queen Skittles


2 Responses to Whiskey & Movies

  1. Madona says:

    Yeah, Whiskey and Movies have close relationship. Just like girls.

  2. i very much enjoyed this post!

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