Doo Dah on KTLA w/Gayle Anderson!

FRIDAY, January 16th!

That’s right! I’ll be on KTLA with Gayle Anderson, along with Grand Marshal Charles Phoenix and Parade organizers Tommy Coston & Patricia Hurley.

I have to be there at 5:30am! So early. We’ll be disco dancing with the Back to Disco Drill Team! (Check them out at

So we’ll be on from around 5:30-9am. Check it out! Or TiVo it because I sure wouldn’t be up that early if I didn’t have to.

Love Always,

Queen Skittles


7 Responses to Doo Dah on KTLA w/Gayle Anderson!

  1. Ann Erdman says:

    I do almost anything for Doo Dah, but I’m not getting up that early. That’s where I draw the line!

  2. You’re going to their studio or R they coming to y’all?

  3. I hope it’s a restaurant in Old Pasa which I know.
    And, I hope they FEED you all for gettin up so early!

  4. […] Queen Skittles blog is full of information.  She and the Grand Marshall, Charles Phoenix (my favorite Mid-century Americana pop culture archivist) kick of the activities tomorrow morning on KTLA’s morning show. She’s arriving at 5:30 in the freaking am Friday at the studios and will be on anytime between then and 9AM.  Queen Skittles advises that among the activities will be disco dancing with the choreography by the woman who came up with the YMCA dance routine.  Tivo this one if you can’t sit in front of the tube waiting for it to happen. […]

  5. You looked great, early in the morn, on Ch 5 2day!
    C U Sunday morn.

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